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Voltage optimisation panel

Voltage Optimisation 

Voltage optimisation is a form of energy monitoring and a well established, proven technology. It works by controlling and maximising your power demand to meet the energy requirements of your electrical equipment. It also stops you from exceeding the amount of energy that is required. In essence, it allows you to use only what is needed, reducing the amount of energy you use and saving electricity. 

Electricity supplied by the National Grid in the UK is approximately 242 volts. Our electrical equipment, however, is able to run at a supply of approximately 220 volts, allowing you to save electricity and save money.

The voltage optimisation unit is designed to save electricity and control the level of energy you receive. When your equipment receives electricity at a higher voltage level it is being over supplied. The equipment will continue to operate but will deal with the excess supply by generating more heat or vibration. The result is your equipment will wear out faster.

Save money and appliances

As well as saving you money on your electricity usage, the electricity usage monitor we install will reduce the rate at which you need to replace worn out equipment.

It gathers the excess energy and converts your incoming mains supply into an amount that your equipment will require to run effectively. As an electricity usage monitor, Voltis will allow you to save money, save electricity and reduce your maintenance costs.