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LED Lightbulb

LED Lighting 

LED Lighting considered to be the latest cutting edge lighting technology and is an alternative to traditional light sources. It has already exceeded the values of halogen and incandescent lamps and is a very efficient light source with many benefits. 

LED Lighting products can last more than 50,000 hours with very small reductions in light output over their lifetime. That is over 15 years in an average household (based on 8 hours usage per day) and is 25 times longer than typical incandescent light bulbs! Additionally, with the exceptionally low failure rate, maintenance is virtually eliminated! LED lighting is solid-state and does not have a filament and so is virtually indestructible.


A simple, inexpensive and effective way of saving money.

They are available in many different "colour temeratures" including warm white which is mainly associated with the quality of light we have all become used to with standard halogen lamps, however, warmer and cooler colour temperatures are also available.

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