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Newleaf Energy are leading supplier and installer of cost reducing and environmentally friendly alternative energy systems based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Since 2006 the average gas bill has risen from £400 to over £800 per year, at this rate by 2017 your bill for gas will be £1600, based on a standard 3 bed semi detached home so our aim as a company is to offer our clients individually tailored alternative methods for heating, powering and lighting their home that will have effective savings on an ever-growing energy bill and reduce energy usage.


Q. How much can I save with a solar pv system installed at my home?


A. The amount you can save very much depends on the size of the system you install and on certain other factors such as the way your roof is facing and the manner in which you consume your electricity. As a guide a 4.00kw system will generate approximately £748 in the first year in a mixture of savings and payments through the feed in tariff scheme.


How long will the system take to pay for itself?


A. This again depends on the size of system and the pitch and orientation of your roof, typically a 3.68kw system will pay for itself in 6.6 years and continue to be eligible for the FIT payment for 20 years.


Solar PV calculator provided courtesy of Solar Guide.