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thermodynamic panel installed on a domestic wall

Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems 

The thermodynamic system is capable of taking energy from the atmosphere even at sub-zero temperatures day or night. It does this by utilising a special refrigerant instead of water. 

These systems are capable of extracting sufficient warmth to heat domestic and commercial hot water cylinders to 55°C even on the coldest winter days.

The very best modern gas or oil boiler can only achieve maximum efficiency levels of 95%, the thermodynamic system has a much higher efficiency, this translates into clean, secure and free energy. Great for you, great for the environment.


How thermodynamic hot water works

A special fluid circulates through the aluminium panels where energy is absorbed from the ambient temperature transforming the liquid into a gas. The gas is then compressed inside the compressor which causes it to become very hot.

This hot gas then flows through a heat exchanger inside the water cylinder which in turn heats the water.

Finally, the gas goes through an expansion valve and reverts back to a liquid which flows back into the aluminium panels and the process repeats.

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