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Infra-Red FAQs

Frequently asked questions about InfraRed heating

Q What is infrared heating?

A Infrared heating is an economical way of heating your home or business using radiant heat.

Q How does it work?

A Infrared heating works using waves that heat the surface of people or objects in the room rather than heating the air. These surfaces include walls, windows, floors and ceilings. These surfaces then gently warm the surrounding air creating a more natural warmth.

Q How do they compare to a traditional convective warm water central heating system?

A One of the most noticeable differences is a more even temperature as the infrared heating provides minimum floor to ceiling temperature variation.

Q What maintenance is required?

A The infrared heaters are completely maintenance free.

Q How is the temperature controlled?

A The temperature can be controlled via a wireless digital thermostat or the infrared panel can be switched on or off at the panel.

Q How do the running costs compare with other forms of heating?

A Please see the table below for a comparison of running costs.

Volume of Room 20m3 20m3 20m3 20m3 20m3
Input requirement per hour 500W (25W / m3) 100% Efficiency 900W (45W / m3) 100% Efficiency 1000W (45W / m3) 90% Efficiency 1000W (45W / m3) 90% Efficiency 1000W (45W / m3) 90% Efficiency
Unit cost of fuel (per kWh) £0.14 £0.14 £0.18 £0.04 £0.08
Heating cost per hour £0.07 £0.14 £0.20 £0.05 £0.09
Heat cost per day (11 hours per day) £0.26 (Unit draws power for ⅓ of the time) £1.54 £2.20 £0.55 £0.99
Cost to heat for 24 hours per day £0.56 (Unit draws power for ⅓ of the time) £3.36 £4.80 £1.20 £2.16
Annual Cost £46.20 £275.52 £393.60 £99.00 £177.12

Q Are there any other benefits to infrared heating?

A There are lots of benefits to infrared heating. Here are just a few:

  • Reduced irritation/particularly beneficial for asthma and bronchial problems
  • Instant Heat
  • Energy Efficient up to 100% more efficient than alternative heating solutions
  • No pipework involved/plugs straight into a mains outlet
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted/ideal for office units
  • Digitally controlled via wireless thermostat
  • Rooms can be individually programmed
  • Mirror finish available
  • Custom finish available with a picture of your choice

Q Do they come in different colours?

A You can choose from any colour, photograph or even a functional blackboard design.  Below are some examples:


Q Are there infra-red heaters other than panels?

A Yes, please see the following article: High Temperature and Sphere Infrared Heaters