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Thermodynamic Systems FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

Q What is a Thermodynamic Hot Water System and how does it work?

A A Thermodynamic Hot Water System from newleaf energy is an alternative way to provide all your hot water needs to your home without the need to use gas.  The system comprises of 1 or 2 external thermodynamic panels which collect solar and environmental energy day and night. This heat is then transferred to a water cylinder, heating the domestic water up to 55°C.

Q Is 55°C hot enough to satisfy my needs?

A 55°C is very hot indeed, as a guide a bath is around 39°C to 41°C and it is possible to be scalded with water at temperatures not far above this.

Q Can it provide enough hot water to meet my needs?

A Certainly! Cylinders are available in a range of sizes to meet individual needs and for commercial uses requiring large amounts of hot water there are larger sizes available.

Q Does the panel have to go onto a roof or face a certain way?

A No, the Thermodynamic Hot Water System is designed so that the panel can be roof or wall mounted meaning it has greater flexibility in where you choose to situate the panel.

Q What happens in the winter, when it’s raining or cold outside?

A The Thermodynamic Hot Water System is designed to work all year round. It will provide hot water in sun, rain, wind, at night and even in snow! It works 365 days a year in all weather conditions!

Q Do I need planning permission to install a Thermodynamic Hot Water System?

A No, the only exception to this may be if you want to roof mount the panel in a conservation area or roof mount the panel on a property facing a main highway.

Q Is it safe?

A The panels themselves contain a non-combustible refrigerant, the used fluid is completely safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so if there’s a leakage there will be no problem for the user’s health and safety.  In addition it is worth noting that once a week an electrical element will heat the water up to 70°C to combat any possibility of legionnaire’s disease for total peace of mind.

Q Do I need to inform my insurers?

A A Thermodynamic Hot Water System is a significant improvement to your home and as with any significant home improvement you should inform your insurers as a matter of course, in our experience premiums are rarely affected.

Q How long will the system last?

A The Thermodynamic Panel comes with a 5 year warranty and is expected to last up to 20 years with normal usage. Newleaf Energy may be able to provide you with an additional warranty, please ask in the showroom for more details.

Q How long will the system take to pay for itself?

A This depends on your hot water usage; up to 35 % of your annual bill may be for hot water. Quite simply the more hot water you use the greater savings you will see. Remember the Thermodynamic Hot Water System provides up to 100% of your hot water.

Q Can the system be used for heating my home??

A The system can be used in conjunction with under floor heating to provide virtually cost free heating in your home.

Q It sounds too good to be true, can I see the system working and judge for myself??

A Of Course, at the Newleaf energy showroom in Monkseaton we have the Thermodynamic Hot Water system installed, indeed it provides all of our hot water. Our showroom, kitchen and bathroom all draw their hot water from the system and our premises are completely gas free with no boiler on the premises. Come see for yourself how the system works.